*This webinar is for healthcare professionals only, not intended for the public.

The webinar will walk you through

1 How to address multidisciplinary challenges during the transition phase from pap smear/cytology to HPV DNA testing
2 What the considerations are to choose the reliable and clinically relevant HPV DNA tests
3 Which practical tips that may help the implementations in your country

This webinar is part of a series of educational webinars on cervical cancer prevention. The first webinar entitled "Why is there a need to change from Pap smear to HPV DNA testing" was delivered in July 2018. You can view the recording, along with the questions raised during the webinar which were answered by Associate Professor Marion Saville.

Why is there a need to change from Pap smear to HPV DNA Testing?

Faculty & Disclosures:


Dr David Hawkes

Director of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Victorian Cytology Services, Australia

David Hawkes is a Molecular Virologist who undertook his PhD on HIV at the Burnet Institute. He holds post-doctoral fellow positions at the University of Melbourne and the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Medical Research, and as a visiting fellow at the University of Bristol, UK. His current focus is the transition to a HPV-based cervical screening program and he has been an active member on several advisory committee covering the implementation and safety of the new National Cervical Screening Program.


Dr Ida Ismail-Pratt

Consultant, Gynaecological Oncology
National University Hospital, Singapore

Dr. Ida Ismail-Pratt graduated from Glasgow University, obtained her specialist qualifications (MRCOG) with subspecialty in Gynaecology Oncology. She is one of the few United Kingdom accredited colposcopist. Her interests are pre-invasive disease, cancer screening and prevention including multi-disciplinary approach to care of women with pre-invasive disease. She is currently very active in The Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology of Singapore on the transition of cervical cancer screening tool program from cytology to HPV DNA-based testing.