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FAQs for new Roche TE technology

Is Roche exiting the Target Enrichment market?

No, we are committed to the Target Enrichment market. As pioneers in Target Enrichment dating back to 2007, we have continually evolved our technology. This is yet another exciting step forward in the evolution of Roche Sample Prep Solutions.

Why are you phasing out the SeqCap (NimbleGen) technology?

At Roche Sequencing, we constantly strive to respond to our customers’ ever-changing needs. In order to better serve those needs, we decided to refresh the technology that serves as a vital component to our end-to-end solution (Sample In – Sequencing-Ready). Therefore, it ultimately meant that we needed to transition to a new technology which moves away from the Maskless Array Synthesis manufacturing method of SeqCap.

How long are you going to support the current on-market Target Enrichment products (SeqCap)?

We will actively support the SeqCap (EZ, Epi, RNA) and HEAT-Seq technology until the end of 2021. The SeqCap and HEAT-Seq probes have a shelf life of 2 years post manufacturing. The last manufacturing round for the current product offerings is the end of 2019, so we will actively support (including reagents) until the end of 2021.

What kind of technology is the new Target Enrichment offering?

The new technology still utilizes biotinylated DNA probes for in-solution hybridization-based Target Enrichment.

When are you launching the new Target Enrichment offering?

We are planning to launch the new Target Enrichment offering for Exome and Custom in late 2019. Further details on specific dates will be made available closer to the launch.

What will happen with my current custom designs as part of transitioning the current Target Enrichment business to this new probe technology?

We will support current SeqCap EZ custom design lift-over to designs based on the new technology both through the new online design tool, HyperDesign and our expert design team. The same design algorithm that allowed you to access your desired regions is going to serve as a key foundation for the new Target Enrichment offering from Roche Sequencing Solutions.

When is the last order date for SeqCap and HEAT-Seq Custom (or Design Share) probes?

The last order date for SeqCap and HEAT-Seq custom (or Design Share) probe designs is December 20th, 2019. RSS Madison will cease probe pool production by December 31st, 2019. It is not possible to hold stock of custom or Design Share designs at RSS Madison or other RSS sites since Custom and Design Share designs are made-to-order. Hence, all custom design probes manufactured from 2020 onwards will be using the new TE manufacturing process.

When is the last order date for SeqCap and HEAT-Seq Catalog probes?

The last order date for SeqCap and HEAT-Seq catalog probe designs is June 28th, 2020 as those designs will be kept in stock at warehouses and in quantities based on final forecasts provided by June 2019.

What is the last order date for HyperCap and HEAT-Seq reagent kits?

The last order date for HyperCap is the end of 2020. With a shelf life of 12 months, these reagents will support SeqCap and HEAT-Seq Probes until the end of 2021 as those probes have 24-month shelf life.

What exactly is the upgrade, what should I expect from these new probes?

The main upgrade is to our hybridization probes which will be manufactured differently than they are today and will result in higher probe fidelity, leading to better performance. Additionally, this change enables better manufacturing process, as such, Roche will be able to offer more reaction pack sizes and increased sequencing efficiency as a result of higher uniformity and lower PCR duplication. Our design expertise and renowned probe selection algorithm will remain in place for a superior customer experience. Also, workflow improvements are under development including bringing together many new KAPA library prep and accessories into the target enrichment workflow.

Is the new target enrichment offering going to be cheaper compared to the current on-market SeqCap EZ offering?

The new target enrichment probes are manufactured using a more cost-effective method. This gives Roche a high degree of flexibility to pass these savings onto our customers and also couple that with more flexibility in probe and pack sizes. Further details will be made available at time of launch.

Is Roche still going to offer me the ability to customize a design?

Our proven design algorithm, years of design expertise and probe selection pipeline will remain at the heart of our new target enrichment offering. We are committed to carrying on the expertise and knowledge that has been allowing our customers to access difficult genomic regions compared to other target enrichment design technologies in the market.

Is Roche going to continue offering NimbleDesign as a means for me to create and customize a panel for my regions of interest?

We’re developing a new custom design tool in parallel with the introduction of our new probe technology. It has an enhanced interface compared to the current NimbleDesign, along with other features that provide an improved user experience.

Will the new target enrichment workflow be automatable?

The new target enrichment workflow will be built on the streamlined HyperCap Workflow. This is already automatable for the majority of 3rd party Automatic Liquid Handling Systems. As part of our development of the new target enrichment offering, our aim is to continue offering automation scripts and methods either through Roche Sequencing or through the automated systems’ vendors.

Are you going to support other sequencing systems besides Illumina?

Our focus remains on serving the Illumina ecosystem with regards to the development of our new target enrichment offering. Based on customer feedback, we’ll continuously evaluate whether to offer additional sequencing systems support as needed.