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Evolving together with Roche Sample Prep Solutions
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What's next?

The SeqCap product line has played an important role in countless experiments over the years. But as today’s research demands evolve, so will our offering.

Our latest sample prep solution is right around the corner, and will feature a new exome and custom design web tool that will provide you with:

  • Better capture uniformity
  • Lower duplication rates
  • Higher target coverage (% bases ≥30x, ≥40x, etc)
  • Higher confidence in detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP)

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Working together, we can achieve the ultimate goal:

Doing now what patients need next.
As performance increases, we evolve

We are continuing to pioneer new technologies and expand our product portfolio. Learn more about our innovative approach to generating high quality results.

What's changing?

We’re bringing you superior probe technology, higher probe fidelity and a new online user-intuitive custom design tool.

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What stays the same?

You can continue to rely on our renowned probe design algorithm, and our commitment to sequencing through our Target Enrichment, HyperCap Workflow, and KAPA Library Prep Kits.

What are the important upgrades?

We‘re improving the Target Enrichment Portfolio. Our industry-leading selection of probes will now offer higher performance, higher probe fidelity and in-solution hybridization capture, as well as longer probes with fixed length.

What to expect from our portfolio?

In short, an easy-to-use solution for faster results and decreased errors. Our streamlined and automation-friendly workflow starts with superior content and design expertise, which is further complemented by industry-leading service and support.

A timeline of Roche’s proven innovation in sequencing
Introducing a new sample preparation workflow

NGS samples are precious and most often can only be collected once, so every step of the sample prep process can either reduce or bias each sample’s value.

Sample preparation impacts the outcome of the entire process. That is why Roche Sample Prep Solutions bring together a suite of high-quality products that streamline every step of the process.

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You can soon benefit from improved sequencing success - and more time and resources

Our new and updated workflow enhances Target Enrichment technology with significant benefits and improvements:

  • Higher library conversion efficiency
  • Improved sequencing performance
  • Faster library prep with less hands-on-time
  • Increased uniformity
  • Enhanced convenience & flexibility when ordering

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DNA timeline of Roche and KAPA innovation

A proven history of innovation in sample preparation

1999 NimbleGen (NG) established based on a breakthrough technology

2007 Roche adds NG to its pioneering NGS family

2009 Release of Exome v1 & v2 for in-solution capture

2015 Kapa Biosystems’ exceptional NGS Library Prep portfolio acquired

2017 Launch of HyperCap Workflow for integrated sample prep

2018 SeqCap EZ Prime Exome launched as top-performing exome to date

2019 We believe in continuous, always evolving innovation – stay tuned

Supporting better beginnings for improved outcomes

Obtaining the most relevant information while optimizing your sequencing resources requires the best sample preparation methods.

As sequencing technologies become more accessible and affordable, Roche is here to support your ambition for finding answers.

Our continually evolving portfolio features innovative tools for a wide range of applications to consistently ensure quality and performance so you can sequence less and discover more.

Together, we can push the boundaries of clinical discovery.

Researchers working with HyperCap Workflow v3

Our promise

Roche Sequencing Solutions is committed to providing best-in-class technologies with intuitive and integrated workflows, allowing you to:

  • Access relevant medical research content along with design expertise
  • Unlock the potential of every sample
  • Enhance sequencing efficiency

We will continue to be your trusted partner in NGS sample prep, delivering innovative products that will lead to personalized healthcare for patients in the future.