One-step EvoScript RNA Masters deliver Superior Performance

When sample quality is poor and copy numbers low, turn to master mixes that can finesse answers out of even the most unwilling witnesses.

One-step EvoScript RNA Masters are the next generation of reverse transcription technology from Roche. They deliver superior RT-qPCR sensitivity, specificity and performance for gene expression and pathogen detection applications—even when evidence is scarce.


Evolve your RT-qPCR performance

Outstanding Efficiency

Achieve robust, reproducible assays with efficiency of up to 100 percent.

Earlier Cq Values

Generate Cq values 1-2 cycles earlier than with other mixes.

Higher Sensitivity

Rely on higher sensitivity when detecting low copy numbers of DNA targets or rare transcriptions, with a 5x master mix concentration.

Broad Dynamic Range

Achieve superior amplification efficiency and quantification detection over a range of up to 10 logs.

Highly Variable GC Content

Work with templates of low GC content (<40%) and high GC content (>58%) for reliable performance in high-throughput environments.

Wide Range of Target Lengths

Amplify a broad range of target lengths, from <100bp to >400bp.