Get improved gene expression and pathogen detection with EvoScript

High thermostability, low risk of contamination and the ability to generate robust results out of even difficult samples materials—does your RT-qPCR master mix stack up?

Whether for gene expression or pathogen detection, EvoScript RNA Masters allow you to build an airtight case, delivering consistent, reliable data and measurably better results for translational research or lab developed tests.


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Lose nothing in transcription

Highly Thermostable RT

Experience highly thermostable RT for result consistency, stability and tolerance of targets of varying secondary structure.

UNG Compatible

Prevent carry-over contamination across RT-qPCR reactions that lead to false positives and inaccurate results.

Difficult Sample Materials

Generate consistent, robust results on RNA targets isolated from a wide range of materials, including difficult samples.

Higher Fluorescence

Get a clearer read on amplification and fewer errors thanks to up to 50% higher fluorescence.

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