One-step EvoScript RNA Masters make reverse transcription easy

Your laboratory is committed to developing newer, better diagnostic solutions. Roche is committed to helping you get there faster, with greater efficiency and more convenience than ever before.

Discover single-vial, ready-to-go, high-performance EvoScript RNA master mixes for gene expression and pathogen detection applications—and discover the evolution of one-step RT-qPCR.


Streamline your RNA workflow


The next step in one-step RT-qPCR

Single Vial Formulation

Single-vial, one-step—for greater convenience, speed and lowered rate of contamination and human error

Hot Starts

Obtain fast, specific results with the EvoScript RNA Masters hot-start protocol and single enzyme for RT and PCR.

Superior Specificity

Optimize assays more easily thanks to superior specific target amplification

Reliable Results